Fabric that grows

HUIS shirt fabric is made on a “shuttle loom,” which is one of the rarest in the world.
Approximately 4,000 ultra-fine threads are woven into a body width of approximately 50 cm.
The luxurious use of this quantity of threads gives the fabric high durability, and it is characterized by its long-lasting use.

The yarn and threads overlap each other so densely that an uneven texture emerges.
The “shuttle loom,” which weaves slowly and without stressing the yarns, produces a fabric that is soft, fluffy, and three-dimensional, containing a lot of air.
This special texture is created by disregarding efficiency and using the yarn and time sparingly.

HUIS image
HUIS image

Shirt fabric woven on a “shuttle loom” is described as a “fabric that grows” the more it is used.
The more it is washed and worn, the more it develops its texture.
It becomes a garment that becomes more familiar to the wearer.

The delicate and exquisite texture brings happiness to the five senses of the wearer.
We hope you will try to grow a piece of clothing with this valuable fabric that will continue to fit you comfortably.

Characteristics of HUIS fabrics
Characteristics of HUIS fabrics The “plain fabric” that emphasizes
the feeling of bare skin.

The technological innovation in the textile industry is “efficiency. Looms have been improved to produce fabrics more efficiently, and fabrics woven on modern looms are woven at surprisingly high speeds.

However, fabrics woven at high speeds with thick yarns and low density lose the “texture” that is so important in exchange for increased efficiency. Weight and stiffness are also created. Therefore, the technology to “make-up” fabrics has developed along with the increase in the speed of weaving machines. Technology has developed to create fabric textures such as soft and wrinkled finishes.

In contrast, HUIS fabrics are made by weaving fine yarns at high density on old-style “shuttle looms” that take 20 to 30 times longer than usual, and are characterized by softness, smoothness, and a natural wrinkled look born from the high density. The texture of the fabric, which makes full use of the material itself, does not fade away even after washing, but rather the texture is further enhanced, making it an extremely durable and special fabric.
HUIS fabrics are made with a “no-frills” approach, and we place great importance on the “natural feel of the skin”.

Care of HUIS fabrics
Care of HUIS fabrics Can be washed in your washing
machine at home

HUIS fabrics are also easy to care for. No matter how comfortable a garment is, if it has to be dry-cleaned every time it is worn, it is difficult to use it for daily wear. All fabrics can be machine-washed at home.

Because of the original texture of the material, you can enjoy the same comfort even after repeated washing. Also, the high durability of these fabrics means that they can be used for a long time with repeated washing.

(Recommended washing method)
When washing in a washing machine, wash in hand wash mode and lightly dehydrate. By stretching the wrinkles with the palm of your hand and hanging it up to dry, the original unevenness will remain and you can enjoy the natural texture without ironing.

Why HUIS is low-cost

Enshu textiles, woven on low-speed shuttle looms, have a rich texture that cannot be found anywhere else, but are extremely expensive because of the long production time required. The following are some of the reasons why HUIS is able to keep product prices low despite using such precious fabrics, which are limited to a few foreign luxury brands.

1. fabric planning and direct procurement in the production area

HUIS handles fabric planning at the weaving site in the production area and purchases fabrics directly from the weavers. While most apparel companies purchase ready-made fabrics from trading companies and fabric makers through multiple intermediaries, we are able to greatly reduce intermediate costs in the distribution process by sticking to this type of system. This is a feature unique to Enshu, a production center that spends a lot of time and effort in manufacturing within the region.

2. unique pricing, mainly for direct sales

HUIS's brand management is centered on direct sales through its online store and directly managed showrooms, which allows the company to set its own prices without being influenced by the market. HUIS is able to set its own prices without being influenced by the market.
We want to bring the highest quality fabrics produced by traditional Japanese techniques into the daily lives of our customers. This is the concept of HUIS and the value we wish to convey. Please enjoy the texture of these special fabrics that bring happiness to the five senses of the wearer.